Amon Tobin Foley Room

Notice worked with interactive agency Freeset to create an immersive online experience for the launch of electronic musician Amon Tobin's album Foley Room. Notice designed and animated five creatures to correspond with field recording samples and original music created by Amon Tobin. Special attention was applied to the sound environment, with sounds panning and fading according to your position relative to creatures.

The five full length creature videos made for the site, each set to an exclusive original track, can be seen here

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FWA Site of the Day, March 1, 2007
Client: Amon Tobin
Agency: Freeset
Producer: Bastien Beauchamp
Art Direction: Notice Bureau
Creature Design: Celia Marais + Tavish
Interface Design + Programming: Tavish
Creature Animation + Editing: Celia Marais
CMS Development: Maxime Larrivee-Roy
Special Thanks: Paul Ortchanian