This stop motion film was shown as part of the installation 'Why Was It So Hard to Let My Tamagotchi Die?', first exhibited at the VA Gallery in Montreal. Shown here is a short edit of the video created for diffusion on the Internet.

Four soft plastic creatures designed and molded by Celia Marais were animated being tortured with props and killed in pools of fake blood. Their cadavers were then exhibited in the gallery alongside this video depicting their horrific deaths. People viewing the exhibit and this video have reacted strongly, with disgust, discomfort, laughter, or some combination of all three.

The installation was part of a wider thesis project on the relationships we develop with what are called 'emotional machines'. It poses questions about the nature of this relationship and the moral implications, can we make them suffer or have pleasure, and why we react to that perceived suffering or pleasure.
Production Co: Notice Bureau
Director: Celia Marais
Animation, Editing: Celia Marais
Graphics: Tavish
Story: Notice Bureau