Ghislain Poirier's Don't Smile, It's Postmodern

Ghislain Poirier commissioned Notice to produce and direct the first video promo for his album 'Breakupdown'. Taking the track title as a starting point, we looked to the Postmodernist movement in music and art for inspiration. One of the important aspects of the movement was nonsense, and its defining moment in art was Marcel Duchamp's exhibition of a urinal. And so we came up with this video - which is utter nonsense.
- screened in the programme 'Clips' at the 2007 Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival
Label: Chocolate Industries / Rebondir Records
Production Co.: Notice Bureau
Director: Notice Bureau
DOP: Reda Enan
Animator: Tavish
Editor: Celia Marais
Dancer: Tim Rodrigues